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What are the popular lighting design forms for cultural tourism night tours

Cultural tourism night tours are becoming increasingly popular and have become a standard item in tourist attractions. Today, with the rapid iteration of new technologies, the technical means of sound, light, land and air and the audiovisual experience of water, land and air have gradually become the main theme of the lighting design of cultural tourism night tours. So what are the common lighting design patterns for cultural tourism night tours?    1. Lighting + experience, according to the theme of the scenic spot, it can bring people different emotional feelings, or shocking or romantic visual perception experience, and the lighting art has developed into an independent art genre, and the art form with artificial light source as the main medium is brought to tourists Pleasant visual enjoyment and artistic experience. 2. Lighting + scenery, select elements that fit its own tonality to create the atmosphere of the scenic spot, cleverly use lighting scenery to form different moods during the day and night, add depth to the experience, and double the experience of tourists. 3. Lighting + water show, creating a visual feast of day and night linkage. The water show has a variety of forms, such as water curtain performance, digital water curtain, musical fountain, water show special effects, etc. The panoramic music fountain during the day brings visitors an aesthetic experience, and water is used at night. Multimedia arts such as curtains, lasers, and music present visitors with electro-optical flow shadows and bring immersive water show lighting experience. 4. Lights + fireworks, pyrotechnics and light shows can quickly make the scenic spot stand out, allowing visitors to get a unique and ultimate experience, breaking the single night viewing function, and presenting a theme show in all directions. Fifth, lighting + story is a form that is easier to move people's hearts. The light show based on the IP story extension has an innate audience base and its own fan enthusiasm.

Efficiently disseminated underground parking lot projection advertising

In this era of rapid market economic development, if any product wants to seize the market, in addition to "hardening internal strength and improving product quality", a reasonable, efficient, and eye-catching publicity offensive has become another indispensable weapon. . However, the problem is that today's media is relatively small in type and absolute quantity, and the amount of information disseminated is increasing. This often causes headaches for many businesses. Moreover, publicity information interferes with each other, but the price of information release remains high. Therefore, finding effective and cost-effective new media has become the common aspiration of advertising agencies and businesses.

The charm of outdoor advertising

When paper advertisements are struggling to break the envelopment of new media advertisements, and when everyone's vision no longer stays in certain traditional media channels, people tend to neglect outdoor advertising, which is a relatively special advertising carrier. In other words, in the minds of some advertisers, outdoor advertising is still a more attractive media method. It can be seen that the charm of outdoor media is clear-the warm sunshine attracts an increasing number of people to go out of their homes to enjoy the fresh outdoor air during the holidays. With the accumulation of travellers, what should we do for this? This is a work that we need to consider seriously.

Do you want customers to pay attention to you at first sight?

People have a habit of only having a deep impression of special people or things. The same is true in business. If you want customers to remember you and pay attention to you, you need to have your own personal business in a highly homogenized entity business. Features. Of course, you say that your products and services are very good, but if your store does not have any customers, then no matter how good your products or services are, it’s useless, so the most we need to do is let you Stand out among many physical stores and let customers pay attention to your storefront at first sight, so how do you do it? Most of the reason why the store allows new customers to choose is because the advertisement is well played, so the carrier of the advertisement is particularly important. At present, they are basically poster-style signs. The better ones are lightbox signs. These methods are basically It’s all rotten, no creativity or attractiveness, but it’s different if you use a projector lamp. This method is currently the most cost-effective, and it is also the most innovative and fashionable. Through market feedback, the projector lamp is installed. In stores, both the attention of visitors and the time spent in the store are much higher than those of other stores. This has achieved the effect of gathering popularity. With the products and services of your store, you are still worried about your business. Is it not good?

Teach you how to create a city card?

With the rapid development of the new economy, the new night tourism economy based on cultural and creative lighting + projection is about to become a trend. Cultural and creative lighting can be understood as "culture + creativity". Projection mainly refers to the current holographic 3D projection and interaction. Projection and pattern projection lamps, cultural and creative lighting + projection is a new product of cross-border integration, covering "creative + design + manufacturing + construction + operation", and is a super IP covering the entire industry chain. At present, only through "cultural and creative lighting + projection", can we create the explosive point of the "new night travel economy" and promote local economic development. This is also mainly because many scenic spots are insufficient in the "night travel economy". In most scenic spots, they are only open during the day, and they can only be open during the day, because at night, there are either dark lights or only "university groves" lighting, which is obviously not attractive enough. Under such conditions, how dare you to collect tickets at night? Yeah! I will cry if I continue. As for a scenic spot or park, if its value is only reflected in the daytime, not only can it not eat the big cake of "night tour", but also obviously not enough capital to be the business card of the city. Then, how can scenic spots and parks use cultural and creative lighting? And projection, make yourself a city card, and achieve both fame and fortune?
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